Friday, January 29, 2010

Hip Hop 4 Haiti

It is nice that people are organizing fundraisers to support the victims of Haiti, but the lamest of them all is aspiring rapper, Queen YoNasda. Queen YoNasda asked a washed up rapper, NY Oil, to organize the NYC Hip Hop 4 Haiti. I had to google him to find out who the heck he is. He was a member of rap group, UMC, they had a small hit "Blue Cheese".

What would make this unknown female rapper, ask an unknown rapper to head an event in NY. NY Oil is a so called activist. I don't recall hearing or seeing him fight for any causes. NYC being the home of hip hop, Queen YoNasda, could've reached out to at least a D list rapper. When I told my fellow hip hop junkies about this event, and who was the organizer, everyone asked "WHO", my point exactly. She asked a F list rapper, an unknown in the hip hop scene to spearhead such an event, what a donkey.

If I was the organizer, I would've hollered at Jay Z, 50, Nas, or Ed Lover not an unknown or a F list rapper. C'mon son.